The Craft Story

Who knew the vast white canvases (read WALLS) of a childhood home in Dallas, TX, would provide the perfect launch pad for some impressive artistic chops? Enter twin brothers, Robert and Ryan Bock, who - having outgrown math equations framed by comic-doodle characters & embellished binders - needed a more appreciative reception than the Principal’s office could offer.

With studies in business administration, and creativity in hand, the brothers landed a fortuitous tutelage under a leading handmade wallcovering company of the day. A technological & environmental understanding of natural materials was developed alongside a killer vision to transform ancient surface arts into thoroughly modern textures. Enter Craft Wallcovering. With a penchant for "pushing the innovative envelope," Robert and Ryan have selectively designed a collection of wallcovering patterns inspired by the many layers of life, history and humanity.  

Sophisticatedly simple, yet dramatic; tasteful, yet sublime, Craft Wallcovering, offers handmade surface art for your walls.

Robert Bock

Co- Founder

Ryan Bock


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