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The Craft Story

Craft Was founded by twin brothers Robert and Ryan in 2017, but the journey started long before then. Fascinated by all things creative, the brothers had a knack for drawing, painting, sculpting, and anything else they could get their hands on. Unaware at the time, their creative minds had always drawn them towards creating something truly special and inspiring.

With studies in business administration, and creativity in hand, the brothers landed a fortuitous tutelage under a leading handmade wallcovering company of the day. A technological & environmental understanding of natural materials was developed alongside a killer vision to transform ancient surface arts into thoroughly modern textures. Enter Craft Wallcovering. With a penchant for "pushing the innovative envelope," Robert and Ryan have selectively designed a collection of wallcovering patterns inspired by the many layers of life, history and humanity.  

Sophisticatedly simple, yet dramatic; tasteful, yet sublime, Craft Wallcovering, offers handmade surface art for your walls.

Our Promise

Our product is 100% handmade (that means no machines or energy exerted, except the most renewable energy used from our own artisans' hands). Almost all of our design inspiration stems from nature's beauty. What better way to return the favor then to fully commit to a work environment that has a long lasting positive effect on our planet. We make sure all of our materials used are eco friendly - from the water based paints to the all natural fibers in our burlap, our process is safe for our artisans' hands, the interiors of our customers, and most notably our beautiful planet.

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